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So, look. I'm alive.

Um... hello?
So it's literally been, well... basically a year since I posted anything.

And I've missed Christmas/big bang/exchange, and like, *everything*, and um.... *still* haven't updated my chronically unfinished fic.... and.... look am basically feeling like a bit of fangirl failure.

It's been a bit of a year. And what I've discovered about myself is this: when the RL shit gets real, fangirl!me is the first casualty.

But, there's another Avengers movie coming this year, and I guess that has me hopeful that I'll get my shit together at some point.

So... I guess I'm here making no promises, but I honestly and truly and sincerely hope you're all well. And I'm wishing my long-lost fangirl friends the best possible 2015...

And... that's as much as I know I've got in me. Which kinda fucken sucks...

All of the love, lovely people. And happiest of new years to any of you who're still there xox

Long time, no post...

Wow. So sometimes Real Life just ... gets real. Expands, I suppose, and fills all the space there is, and suddenly all the space that was fangirl space just... evaporates. Unexpectedly, and unfortunately. But disappear it does.

Honestly, this year has been... without precedent. And I'm sorry.



The point is, if there's anyone who remains even remotely interested in the whole Tangled Up In Blue story thing, well... I (unbelieavably, I know) haven't actually given up on it. It's still happening. Slowly and painfully, but still.

Basically, I really want to be around more... the amazing International Geek Day that was the Doctor Who 50th anniversary has re-kickstarted my fangirlishness, and made me more determined to be with my people, and so try I shall. Because I love you guys, I really do. And just as RL fills itself, it'll have to settle and contract again soon enough. Surely. I certainly hope so.

It has been far - FAR - too long since fangirling. My eternal thanks to themonkeytwin, who's been my oxygen, connecting me to fangirlishness and you guys, all this time.

I sincerely hope all is well where you are... and that we'll talk soon one way or another.

Hugs, and just in case, Happy Christmas. Or if Chrismas isn't your thing, happy Hannukah, or frankly just holiday. I hope whatever you and yours are up to this time of year, that it's fabulous.

All the hugs, and be back soon. I hope. xoxo
I have had a big month or so which has prevented me from fangirling.

I love my flist (you guys) and fandom (generally) and all it/you choose to be and I'm sorry I've been so absent.

I have, honestly, been doing some inter-city driving lately, and hence some heavy-duty stewing about Tangled Up In Blue Chapters 3/4, and I think I've made a decision that might actually make writing it much easier. I hope it will all be worth it for you all in the end.

I have had to re-type that last sentence six times to get rid of the typos.

I have drunk a bottle of wine. Full disclosure.

I have joined AO3 (also as im_ridiculous) and have given myself stupid and ridiculous self-esteem issues because now I can actually SEE the number of people who click versus the number of people who kudos/comment... and it's reminding me why LJ is my fandom home, because my people are here. And ignorance of webclicks. And also that writing stuff for public consumption is scary, no matter whether you're using your real name or not.

I have watched the latest Community episode (Herstory of Dance)....

And tonight, my Jeff/Britta shipper heart is full and happy and full of hope and ignoring the Troy!elephant and the out-of-character-but-awesome-and-why-haven't-they-been-doing-this-all-along?-!Pierce and just basking in my headcanon.


And I confessed to the Disappointing BFF Of BSG-Adama/Roslin-shipper Fame that I'm writing Clintasha fanfic and publishing it on the internet. Because when I said I'd been doing 'some writing for fun' she asked outright if I was writing BSG fanfic and I (truthfully) said no, but while I'm not a BAD liar, I'm not THAT good either, and I couldn't help it. ... On the upside, after her insistent urging (demanding) I sent her the Tangled Up In Blue prologue and, inexplicably, she thought it was good and wants to read more, and I TOLD YOU GUYZ she was a misguided fangirl.

I love you all to bits, and my RL conversation about fandom has reminded me just how grateful I am to have found you all.

I am embarking on a long weekend and it is BLISS.

ALL the hugs, lovely ones.

Drive-by shippy Community post...

...cos when a shipper's gotta squee, a shipper's gotta squee.

MASSIVE SPOILERS AHEAD for the latest episode - S04 E02 (the Halloween ep).

So first of all, OH THANK GOD - THAT WAS MORE LIKE IT, amirite?!?Collapse )
Title: Tangled Up In Blue (Chapter 2: I am a man of constant sorrow) (WiP - Ch.2 of ??)
Author: im_ridiculous
Fandom: Avengers - Clint/Natasha
Genre: AU, angst!crack
Rating: MA - for mature audiences. (Adult themes, lots of angst, vague-ish references to alcoholism and physical abuse, a smattering of f-words (not gratuitous, in my opinion. I swear they're earned!)
Length: ~2400
Disclaimer: I own nothing and no one. ... Except for Phil's bitchy little sister, and I don't think anyone else would want her anyway.
Thanks: You guys, themonkeytwin is the most amazing beta. Let's just all be very clear about that. This chapter was a freakin' nightmare and she stuck with me regardless and for that I am eternally grateful. Her suggestions are judicious and kind, and she is always right. Any and all remaining issues are all my own fault. Also, thanks to anillogicalmind for her encouragement and sympathy! And I think I've *just* squeezed this in in time to make a birthday dedication to anuna_81... because she's been one of the biggest cheerleaders for this stupidly slow series and I love her for it :)

Soundtrack: 'I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow' - Soggy Bottom Boys
Summary: It's a masochistic rite that insists on being observed. So he sings, and he remembers.
A/N: This is the slowest-written fic in the history of the interwebs. It's also a crazy, angsty, AU crack!fic, where Clint is a boozed-up country/folk musician running from a past that includes Natasha. Running to a future that includes her too? ... Time will tell.

It's been a long time between drinks, so here are some links:
The Prologue
Chapter 1
Chapter 2Collapse )
Merry Christmas everyone! And for those of you who don't celebrate Christmas, Happy End Of The Year!
I hope that whatever you were/are doing (time differences are a wonderful thing), that you are thoroughly enjoying yourselves.

As it's the time of year for this sort of thing, I'd just like to take the opportunity to thank you all for making me feel so welcome this year. Fandom and, well, Shipper Nation, has been such an unexpected and fun addition to life this year - and you folks are just hands down the best first bunch of people a girl coulda hoped to have found. Thankyou.

And lastly, yeah, so when I said I was a slow writer........ pretty clear now that I really wasn't kidding, right? :S

The good news? Y'know how about six months ago, y'all were all, 'oh, it'll be a summer fling' and whatnot? Well, it actually IS summer here now, and that means holidays. And holidays, after the insane end to a year that involved a new job and a new town and a new state.... well, holidays means finally having time to do some writing.

Chapter 2 of Tangled Up in Blue is currently undergoing major surgery, to become chapters 2 AND THREE f TUIB... And if I can't finish them before I have to get back to work, then it's a definitive sign from the universe that Chapter 1 was a fluke and I should just leave well enough alone! :S (I will finish it, promise. I will not be conquered by my own overly-ambitious fictional creation, dammit.)

So anyway, the easing myself back into fangirling starts now... with some quick LJ-ing, and a trip to see the Hobbit later today.

To quote a long-since defunct advertisement from my illustrious nation, that does seem to take some of its favourite phrases from advertising:

"I'm excited."

I am the worst fangirl in the world...

...but as you guys know: sometimes, rl just gets in the way. Le sigh.

Just wanted to send a quick broadcast out into the fandom ether to say helloooooooooo!! And hope you're all okaaaaaaaaaayyy!!

To those of you (those many, many of you) with fic sitting there unread by me... Look, I'm sure none of you have actually noticed whether I've read it or not, I'm not quite that full of myself!! But in case you have noticed - I'm sorry!! And I will get to it and leave you comments as soon as things calm down a little... timing TBC. But I mean, jeez, SOME of you (you know who you are) (**sideeyes workerbee73and bob5fic**) are making it damn difficult to stay away!! ...alas, such is life.

For those of you (those, like, two of you ;P ) who are waiting on more Tangled Up In Blue: first of all, thankyou, again, for your enthusiasm. Secondly, apologies that I'm so slow. Most importantly, though, it IS coming, it'll just be a little while. I'm at a bit of a roadblock with Chapter 2... well, more a Les Miserables-sized barricade, if I'm honest... It needs work and a clear headspace in which to work. But it's coming. Please stick with me!

And for those of you to whom I owe replies - SORRY! I am full of fail!! 

...OK. I think that's everything.
All the love lovelies, yours in ridiculousness,
...and oh god it got worse.

Quick recap: Finally got one of my RL besties to watch BSG. Yay! But now, not only is she NOT a pilots shipper, she's an Adama/Roslin shipper. AND one of those people who thinks Lee is boring and has no personality. Boo!!!!

Oh the horror. But still a chance of a post-UB/post-poof conversion, right?

Be careful what you wish for...

That awkward moment when, after ten months of persuasion, you finally manage to convince your best mate (and someone you know has fangirling tendencies, and who you have every reason to suspect will be a pilots shipper) to watch Battlestar Galactica...

And two seasons in, not only is she NOT a pilots shipper....

She's become an Adama/Roslin shipper. Also, one of those people who thinks Lee is a "bland and banal" character with "no personality", and that he and Kara "are great as friends, but anything else? ... I don't see it."



I'm praying for a UB-related late conversion......
Title: Tangled Up In Blue (Chapter 1: No pleasure here on earth I found) (WiP - Ch.1 of ??)
Author: im_ridiculous
Fandom: Avengers - Clint/Natasha
Genre: AU. And is angst!crack a genre? It is now.
Rating: For mature audiences. (Angst, sexual references, a four letter word and angst. And did I mention there’s angst?)
Length: ~2500
Disclaimer: I own nothing and no one.
Thanks: Huge thanks to themonkeytwin - her kind and valuable contributions made this chapter so. much. better. You’re a star. Thanks also to anillogicalmind without whose cheerful encouragement and enthusiasm I probably would have turfed the lot of this ages ago, and to workerbee73, who was the first to say ‘I’d read that’. And dedicated to angela_n_hunt... because it’s her birthday and she loves country music too :)
Summary: He ain’t worth it, and that’s the truth.
Soundtrack (Because for this series, songs matter) 'I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow' - Soggy Bottom Boys

A/N: It’s taken almost a month since the Prologue to get Chapter 1 finished, but here it is! Thanks to all you lovely people who’ve also bought tickets on the country-music-AU-crazy-train, I hope it lives up to the premise! And while I may be slow, I can promise you this will get finished eventually. So! Without further ado, here’s Chapter 1 of 'Tangled Up In Blue', an angsty AU crack!fic where Clint is a booze-soaked country/folk musician running from a past that includes Natasha. Running to a future that includes her too? … Time will tell.

Chapter 1Collapse )